Renovation Style & Current Market Trend

Current Renovation Trends in Canadian Housing Market : Top renovation styles currently being chosen by a lot of Toronto Home Owners.

    Current Interior Design Trend in Home Renovation

    As we are getting close to the next year, let us look back and identify this year’s three most popular interior styles, Plus learn the most recognizable characteristics of these styles.

    Modern Design

    Modern design is one of the trendiest styles of 2020. We saw so many custom houses build or renovated in Toronto with a bold contemporary statement this year. Interestingly if we look back at 2019, we cannot find as much modern design as 2020. That would be a sign this style is growing, and more people are looking to renovate their house or buy a condo that has already been designed in modern style. Let’s look at some characteristics of this style. The main goal of modern design is “less is more” this quote is by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, an American-German architect and interior designer. He is emphasizing functionality over all the aspect of design. Having natural elements such as stone and wood, emphasizing vertical line, natural color pallet, flat door, oversized window and having void spaces are other most famous characters of this style. Many home owners in Toronto are currently opting for upgrading their homes with a modern look.

    Modern Farmhouse

    Farmhouse design began in Europe but has now taken over the whole world including Canada. Nowadays, we can see a considerable influence of this style in cities like Toronto, New York, and Florida. However, the new style is a mixture of farmhouse, rustic, and modern design. We called it a Modern farmhouse and many Toronto Condominium Renovations are opting for this look. There was significant demand for modern farmhouse design in both 2019 and 2020. The warm color pallet, natural wood furniture and cabinetry, framed windows and doors, and a high ceiling with exposed beams are characteristics of this style.

    Transitional Style

    In Toronto, Transitional style becomes trendy after 2014. This style responded to those who started to look at lighter designs and colors but still like the vintage and classic feeling. In the other world with Transitional style, you will get both glass band wood close to each other. White and bright color pallet, shaker doors and big windows are some of this style’s characteristics.