Flooring Options for Home Renovation

Flooring Options for Home Owners to consider while the renovation is in the talks. Different Flooring Options for both home & condo owners.

    Best Flooring Options for Home / Condo Renovation Projects

    Flooring in any Home Renovation allows home owners to completely upgrade their living space and is one major component that enhances home outlook. There are so many options when it comes to flooring, and each of them has its own characteristic. You cannot say the difference among different flooring options by simply looking at them; you must have the knowledge before the final decision. It is essential to choose wisely based on your needs, condo location, number of households, and budget. we narrowed down the list to the three most popular floor options to use in your next condo renovation:

    Hardwood Flooring

    If you have the budget and looking for a great look, you are in the right place. Hardwood flooring option is very durable, and it comes in a variety of options, from modern to traditional designs. There are some hardwood flooring’s that you could refinish for more than three times, which gives you the opportunity to invest your house with a new look occasionally. If you want to add value to your living area, hardwood flooring will do it for you because of its longevity. Most of the condominium renovations in Toronto involve installation of hardwood floor due to their years of reliability. Indeed, many pieces of research show home-buyers are most likely willing to buy a house with hardwood flooring over all other types of flooring options. There are some cons with hardwood flooring to consider as well; first, it’s the cost. This option is more expensive than other flooring options in Toronto for both product itself and the installation, and it may scratch through time.

    Engineered Hardwood

    Engineered hardwood is very popular flooring in Toronto for both builders, contractors, interior designers, and homeowners. It carries different layers, and the top layer being hardwood, gives a luxurious look to the piece. Engineered hardwood is both price efficient and durable, and it brings the elegant look of the hardwood flooring at a lower price. Also, engineered hardwood can block moisture, and that will give it even more longevity. Various designs and colors make the engineered hardwood a ubiquitous choice for many renovations in both houses and condos.

    Laminate Flooring

    When the budget is tight, the laminate flooring is a fantastic choice. They are low maintenance, and you have the option to have them both waterproof and scratch resistant. Although with laminate flooring, you are getting the look of real wood, not the actual wood, and that is why many people are willing to pay more to have the natural wood in their home. Many home owners opt for this floor type for renovation of their Toronto home due to its cost effectiveness and variety of designs available to choose from.