Several in-house finance solutions available

    Transforming your house into your dream home that appeals to you should be 100% achievable, yet we know renovation, whether small or big, could have financial frustrations.

    Although we are here to make it happen to you, we at Interior Nation (serving Greater Toronto Area), are committed to helping you start building your dream house. Several in-house finance solutions are available for clients to help them with their renovation project. A variety of choices are available ranging from low-interest equity line of credit to an unsecured, zero-interest renovation loan.

    To decide your criteria, our account experts are available to help you make a knowledgeable choice to assess the right solution to satisfy your financial needs. The application process is very quick and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. We file the appropriate online application with the creditor once you have decided to move forward with transforming your new space.

    Proof of identification and other documents such as employment records and other supplementary documentation may be requested in the process. Throughout the process, we work with our clients review the details and make adjustments based on budget allocation.