We’re a one-stop shop for design and construction, providing various services across New York and Toronto. We focus on making commercial and residential spaces exceptional by taking a thorough approach. Our expertise covers everything from designing and constructing to selecting furnishings and decorating interiors, all customized to fit each project’s unique needs. We aim to create spaces that are both unified and visually appealing, inspiring everyone who experiences them.

Creative, Strong, and Custom Solutions for Unique Projects

Our dedication to success isn’t just a goal; it guides every aspect of how we work, sparking creativity, resilience, and a never-ending quest for excellence in everything we do. Every project, a unique blend of building, structure, and design challenges, requires our skills. Tailored specifically for projects starting at $50,000 or more, showing a significant market scope, we use our resources to achieve outstanding results.

Efficient Project Management

The time it takes to finish a project depends on its unique features and needs, influenced by factors like size and specific requirements. Our team takes charge of the construction process, making sure the design team and workers work together seamlessly. This way, we minimize disruptions and ensure a well-planned and integrated transformation for the space.

Precision in Progress

The time it takes to finish a project depends on many factors. We carefully look at the design and interior work that’s already done and consider the specific needs of your project. Then, we create a customized timeline that perfectly matches your unique vision, making sure our commitment is clear and accurate.

Our Promise to You

We confidently offer a strong one-year warranty for every project, showing our strong commitment to providing top-notch quality and craftsmanship. Our unwavering dedication to making sure you are completely satisfied and successful in every part of your project. It’s proof of our constant strive for excellence, ensuring a smooth, customized, and outstanding experience that goes beyond expectations, bringing your vision to life with utmost precision and care.

A Dynamic Collaboration

Our way of managing things is like a lively and cooperative partnership, where different strengths, creativity, and common goals come together to make something outstanding. It’s about being proactive and full of energy, encouraging innovation and growth together as we work as a team to overcome challenges and achieve impressive results. At Interior Nation, Sapna Agarwal and Deepak Malik, who leads our team effort, carefully supervise each project. They bring a shared vision and use a natural decision-making process, working closely with clients to meticulously design and plan every detail.