Designing & Building since 1999.

We believe that every building we create should follow three key design principles: integrating historically meaningful details and materials, maintaining a balanced and symmetrical look, and respecting the natural environment. Our skilled design team turns these principles into real applications, letting you experience the lasting impact of good design. By combining our expertise with your unique vision, we create spaces that last and truly reflect your style and dreams.

Initial Consultation

Strategic Inception Session

Get into a detailed and insightful first meeting where we dive into what you need, what you want, and all the details about your project. Our experts carefully look at your requirements, making sure we create a customized plan for your project to succeed. Be part of a collaborative space where ideas flow, and plans come together, laying the groundwork for a smooth and successful project journey.


Thorough Site Check

Work closely with our skilled team to carefully examine your site, looking at details, the environment, and practical aspects. Get the advantage of our detailed assessments that help us make informed decisions, create custom designs, and plan the project effectively. Rely on our careful site evaluations to set the groundwork for a successful, precisely tailored project, making sure it aligns with your goals and the potential of the site.


Starting a Project Right

Before we dive into any project, we take the time to carefully analyze everything. We look at zoning laws, do a detailed examination, and have a structured session to discuss the design. During this phase, we work together to understand your style preferences, space needs, and overall project requirements. This helps us build a strong foundation before we start the actual design and sketching part of the project.


Getting Involved in Design

During the design development phase, clients work closely with designers to create floor plan sketches. These drafts go through thorough in-person review and revisions. Additionally, we create interior perspective sketches, a crucial step where we decide on the size and materials of the structure. This close involvement ensures that the design closely matches the client’s vision, making sure their ideas come to life seamlessly.


Perfecting the Design

In this part of the design process, our team focuses on making the initial floor plan design even better. Working closely with you, we fine-tune detailed electrical designs, plans for floor finishes, exact positions for special woodwork, and unique ceiling features. Carefully thought out to meet your specific needs and preferences, this teamwork ensures that every aspect of the design is optimized to perfection.


Making Things Easy for You

For your convenience, we have a wide range of interior materials right in our office. This means you don’t have to visit multiple stores, as our team takes care of choosing all the materials. We carefully select options and present them to you for approval, making the decision-making process easy and ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


Checking the Design with the Construction Team

At this point, our company teams up with the construction and engineering folks to carefully go over the design decisions. Our main goal is to make sure that every part of the structure not only works well but also combines practicality with creative design principles. Working closely with our engineering experts, we aim to achieve an effective and functional structural design that perfectly fits into our overall design vision.


Working Together with the Construction Team

We work closely with the construction team to make sure they follow the design plan exactly. We also team up with the on-site crews to come up with creative and flexible solutions, especially when there are changes or adjustments needed due to conditions on the site.