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    Restaurants, Lounges, Office Buildings, Medical Clinics, and Showrooms

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    General Contracting Architectural and Interior Design, Commercial, Building Permits, and Construction Management

    Interior Nation - Boasting more than two decades of experience in New York and Toronto, we stand as a firmly established brand. Our primary focus lies in the fields of architectural design and renovation, where we consistently transform our clients' aspirations into tangible realities. Our proficiency in interior renovation, coupled with our innovative concepts and design principles, has garnered us widespread recognition and industry trust.

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    What We Offer

    Complete Renovation

    Delivering all-encompassing renovation services for both commercial and residential properties, where our expertise converges with your vision to redefine and elevate interior spaces through innovative design, superior craftsmanship, and tailored solutions.

    Team of Licensed Contractors

    Our commitment to quality and professionalism by providing a dedicated team of licensed contractors, ensuring expertise, adherence to industry standards, and the highest level of craftsmanship in every facet of our interior design and renovation services.


    Safeguarding our clients and their investments throughout the interior design and renovation process underscores our commitment to reliability, accountability, and the protection of your valuable assets.


    Fostering open communication and clear visibility into the project’s progress, costs, and decision-making processes, ensuring our clients feel informed, empowered, and confident throughout their interior design and renovation journey.

    Price Lock

    Ensuring clients a steadfast commitment to the initially agreed-upon project cost, eliminating uncertainties and surprises, and demonstrating our dedication to financial transparency and client satisfaction in every step of the interior design and renovation process.

    One Stop Solution

    Offering a seamless and comprehensive array of services that encompass every facet of interior design and renovation, providing clients with a streamlined and hassle-free experience to transform their spaces into personalized and aesthetically pleasing environments.

    Swift Start

    We offer a prompt and efficient initiation of your project, emphasizing our commitment to timely execution, streamlined processes, and rapid commencement of interior design and renovation endeavors to bring your vision to life with speed and precision.

    Time Bound Completion

    Ensuring that your design and renovation projects are executed with efficiency and precision, adhering to strict timelines, and delivering a prompt and satisfying transformation of your space.

    Envision - Design - Build

    We do complete renovations

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    … main floor re done including a new kitchen install … share creative ideas and see them put into reality by electronic visuals to paper prints etc … we rate you 5 Star Plus and look forward to our next project together…the second floor!

    Cynthia Donston

    … The work was done exactly as promised and installer who came was pleasant…. We like the fact that cabinets are made to custom dimensions eliminating unused area, I am comparing with some pre-fab sizes which other companies were doing.

    Bradley Swift