Home Renovation: Choosing the right paint

Paint Selection : a major component in home renovations, how selecting the right paint type can change the outlook.

    Correct Paint Selection when Renovating Your Home

    Many home owners try to re-paint their own home to refresh its look and feel. Some go with warm colors and some with cold, some with dark colors, and some with light, but whatever the color selection is, it should be selected carefully. The three paint selection options can make or break your DIY project. It’s a great idea to give your house a fresh look that is both budget-friendly and fast enough to get ready within the least amount of time.

    Let’s take a look at how to choose the right paint for your home? There 3 points to consider when you are selecting the paint; material, sheen and color. Now let us go through it all in detail.

    Durability based Selection

    There are two options when it comes to material based selection, oil-based and latex paint(or water-based paint). We always recommend selection of latex paint for the walls and ceiling because of its durability, additionally, latex paints are much easier to clean than oil-based paint and lastly, they dry much faster, which is an excellent advantage if you have kids or pets at home. However, if you are looking to repaint wood, trims, or molding pieces, we highly suggest selecting oil-based paint. Whether you are hiring a home renovation company or if its a do-it-yourself task, we suggest getting the best paint available in market.

    Sheen based Selection

    Now it is time to choose the sheen of your paint. Sheen is the glossiness of the paint and there are 6-7 sheen level based selections available based on the brand you chose. It starts from flat, which is the least glossy and ends with Hi-Gloss. Hi-gloss paints are much easier to clean, and they have the most light reflectivity. Design-wise, it is nicer to have flat or Satin finish in living spaces, especially for more formal areas of the house because of the elegant look they have. However, if you are dealing with a high traffic area such as kid rooms or laundry rooms, the ideal paint selection would be eggshell finish since it is much easier to clean.

    Color based Selection

    Here is the most important part, choosing the paint color that is selecting the perfect color according to your interior decor.. It is so essential that you have an undressing on why you are painting the house. If you plan to sell the house quickly, try to keep the colors as neutral as possible, yet if you are making the changes for yourself, you have more options to play around with. You can easily make a focal point within the area with choosing an accent color for the wall that you want to emphasize the most, for instance, the fireplace or the TV wall. Think about your furniture and flooring as well. And try to follow the color wheel rules while you are choosing the pain color.

    We always suggest consulting with an interior designer before painting the house to achieve the style you want while following all the design rules.