Types of Renovations Available for Home Owners

Types of Renovation options available for Toronto Home & Condominium Owners : Top-up additions and extensions in your existing home.

    Common Renovation Types available in Toronto

    If your family is growing up and needs more space, moving to a new home is not your only option. You can add more space to your existing house, but how? There are different types of renovations that beside giving the house a fresh look, will also provide more space for you and your family.

    Top-up addition

    Top up additions are so popular because they give you double the space you have and will add tremendous value to your property. Basically, top-up addition means adding a second story to your house. Imagine how much space you are getting! Keep in mind top-up additions are expensive, and there are two main reasons for that. First, when you are adding a second story to your home, the entire area layout will change; for instance, you will need to move all the bedrooms to the second floor to have a bigger open concept kitchen. Also, in any professionally done home renovation project, the homeowner usually prefers to have the same flooring for both levels, so consider changing the existing flooring. The second reason is the cost of adding a new staircase which connects the two levels. Adding a framing for the staircase is one of the initial stages of home addition, allowing the construction crews to work on the second floor. The average cost of home addition is about $200-$250 per square feet, although depending on the material selection and design, it could go up to $350 per square feet.


    Home extensions are another popular way of adding space to your existing layout. It basically means going out horizontally rather than vertically. In most cases, for smaller spaces between 30 sq ft to 40 sq ft, there is no need to add footing; however, if you plan to add more than that, you will need to add foundation. Extensions also are a great way to add value to your property. Because you are adding more livable spaces to your property, plus you will save on the staircase cost. Extensions usually cost between $90 to $250. However, it could go higher depending on selections.