Condo Renovation Ideas

Condominium Renovation Ideas for Toronto Condo Apartment Owners to make their luxury living dream become a reality.

    Renovation Ideas for Toronto Condominium Owners

    Condo living is becoming more popular these days, particularly for the working age of the Toronto population. One reason might be the ease of living compared to house life, with Toronto receiving a huge amount of snow every winter, maintenance is usually what drives people away from buying a detached or semi-detached house. Also, condos are usually more affordable. However, with some condos in Toronto being old, you cannot get a nice open concept layout, which is something entirely changeable. If you are planning to remodel your Toronto condo, here are some renovation ideas that make your space both looks and function better.

    Layout of Your Condominium

    As we get closer to the Toronto downtown area, condos usually get smaller with less space to move around, but one solution would be an open concept floor plan, which is so trendy these days. With an open concept floor plan, your family room is connected to the kitchen through the dining area, and there is no wall involved. Some people prefer to divide the dining area and the kitchen with a linear island. This is a great idea; it will provide more privacy, storage space, and flexibility in the kitchen area. There are so many benefits to this kind of planning. Firstly, you will allow the light to get through your whole condo. Secondly, with each wall having a minimum of 4″ thickness, imagine how much space you are saving by avoiding them.

    Color for Your Condominium Renovation

    When you are renovating your condo, try to use lighter colors as much as possible. Light colors tend to make space feel bigger. The idea is to try to use a neutral color pallet and keep the variety as low as three colors, with 20%- 20%- 60% for each. The color with 60% use is called the mother color. It will set the tone for the entire space. To make sure that your Condominium in Toronto gets the enhanced look and feel, try to choose it as wisely as possible. If you want to achieve a transitional look, light grey would be a fantastic option. The condominium renovation idea of selection of color such as light grey is to keep the spaces look bigger while having a different color define the area in your home.

    Here are some of the most popular Benjamin Moore’s grey selection:
    Revere Pewter HC 172
    Stonington Gray HC 170
    Wickham GrayHC-171
    Gray Owl OC-52
    Silver SatinOC-26

    The above layout and color ideas for condo renovation are just a quick insight into how those would help, if you need a complete home renovation by professional team, connect with Interior Nation today!