Plan for your Next Condo Unit Renovation

Condominium renovation for Toronto Condo owners made easy, lets get the basic right.

    With lots of luxury condominium buildings available in Toronto, many of their owners find it difficult to plan for their next renovation. If you are one of those luxury condo owners, you know that your condo unit serves as your home from a long day’s work, and making it better—in small and big ways—will add value to your much needed and well-deserved rest. There is a lot to consider in renovating any type of space, and it is no different when it comes to your condominium unit. Here is some info that can help you with your next condo renovation!

    Condominium Remodelling Toronto

    Plans are plans

    Lay down your plans and budget for your next condo renovation. Along the way, impulses may happen but make sure that you stick with what you have when you can. Nothing beats a renovation that goes accordingly. If the current layout of your unit still works for you, stick with it. If it doesn’t, carefully list down what you need to do while considering what you want to do.

    Your walls are your friend

    Are you planning to repaint your condominium walls? Choose a color for your wall that best accentuates the size of your space. A general rule is this: if you want to add depth to your space, using dark-colored paint will give you this. On the flip side, painting it with a light-colored paint will help bounce light and make your condo rooms appear bigger.

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    Condominium Renovation Curtains

    Welcome curtains into your condo unit!

    Depending on your preferences throughout the day, a double layer of thin and thick curtains will help in either welcoming or blocking sunlight from entering your unit. Thin curtains in your condominium are your to-go if you want some sunlight in your day without it being too invasive. By nighttime, spread the thick layer of the curtain before you call it a night and get a good night’s sleep until the next morning.

    Mirrors are a must, besides your bed or in your living area

    Highlight your room better with the help of a full-body mirror that is also wide; not only will this accentuate your unit by making it seem bigger, but it will also help reflect more light inside your home, sending a shot of warmth into your space. Mirrors are not a must but many condominium renovators do add some style by strategically placing mirrors.

    Condo Renovation Mirrors
    Condominium Storage Renovation Toronto

    Get creative with your storage areas

    You might find some oddly empty spaces in your condo unit, not knowing what you can do with it; a little creativity with storing your prized objects in your condo unit could go a long way! Storage areas might be hidden in your furniture or mounted in your wall that could fill this space while still conserving space. The height of your condominium unit should do the trick and should be utilized to minimize space and maximize storage.