Save Time & Money with your condo renovation

Planning on condominium renovation and want to save time as well as money? Well, its not that difficult to get your unit renovated within the set budget and timeline.

    Are you planning to renovate your condo? Save time and money doing it the right way!!!

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    Try to keep the layout the same

    If you are planning to renovate the washroom, try to stay with the same layout as much as possible, especially when plumping is involved. In condos, plumbing is connected through units, and a small change would cost a massive amount of money that you could spend on a few more spaces in your condo, such as the kitchen and living room.

    Still, there are so many other ways to enhance your condo washroom. Upgrade your vanity, change the tile, and put a big mirror. If you are not still satisfied with the result, you can add a waterproof wallpaper, completely changing the space’s look and feel.


    I know, it seems funny, but elevators are a considerable part of condo renovations, make sure you have them booked upon the time of delivery.

    If not, you might be charged for your contractor crew’s day cost and the delivery fee. You can book them through your condo reception and always try to reserve the elevator at least 2 -3 weeks in advance to prevent any chance of delays in the whole process.

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    Try to move out from your condo at the time of renovation

    If you have already approved all the details and are satisfied with the design and timeline, it is time to move out and put all your trust in your contractor and interior designer. They are the professionals, and they must make sure all the processes will be run smoothly.

    Let them handle the rest of the process. Although some condo owners prefer to stay in at the time of construction, we definitely recommend moving out because of all the sounds and hassle you could avoid by not being there.