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If you’re bored of how your laundry room looks, you might want to consider giving it a facelift and redesigning it.

    If you’re bored of how your laundry room looks, you might want to consider giving it a facelift and redesigning it. Why not make using your washing machine and dryer more fun? Make your laundry room into a relaxing workspace by being creative with it. If you live in the city of Toronto, whether you are living in a detached home or a condominium, a personal laundry space is a must, but what if you laundry room is renovated as per your style and design preferences. You will love this improved part of your home and also it will add value to your home if you plan to sell it in future.

    If you’re one of those people, you probably don’t get too excited about spending time in your laundry room and doing your laundry. If you upgrade your laundry room, you might consider dedicating more time there than you did. We will take your home renovation to next level by renovating your laundry room and make it look and feel luxurious.

    Laundry Room Renovation

    Add storage to Laundry Room

    Usage of bins, cabinets, and other sorts of storage can add value to your laundry space. When renovating your laundry room, extra storage space is one of your biggest allies Bins and other storage options will make the task of arranging laundry essentials like soap, bleach, and hangers much less daunting. People in Toronto love to live with style but with shortage of space, storage also becomes critical and needs to be part of design plan.

    We make sure that you have enough storage throughout your home including your laundry room. Shelving can help you organize your stuff and make the most of your space. In addition, setting up a table as a folding station greatly reduces the time spent transporting still-warm garments from the dryer to a different place.

    Building a folding station

    A laundry room folding station does not have to be much bigger than a countertop. We examine the space of your laundry room to see if we can add counter space anywhere. A folding station inside the laundry room is used for comfort and functionality. You could fold all you require and bring it in folded. You don’t have to fold things by the bed before putting them away. We also make sure that whatever the design choice for your laundry room is, the end design should allow enough space for basic functionalities such as folding clothes.

    Laundry Room Renovation Company
    Laundry Room Renovation Toronto

    Fill up corners with shelving

    We make sure that your laundry room renovation goes right. Especially when designing a small laundry room, we always consider vacant shelving and storage space corners! It might be as simple as a staircase shelf in the corner for supplies, but we will  install a proper shelve if enough space is available, so that you have a new corner for storing essential supplies, towels, clothes, and even a few decorative items.

    Recommendations for Countertops

    While choosing countertop materials for our Toronto based customers, we take in consideration the following items:

    • You may splash laundry liquid on them. Your clothes will likely leave grease, dirt, and other debris on the counters. Our choice for a countertop takes this into consideration.
    • We try to choose a non-porous and long-lasting material, such as quartz.  When it gets dirty, you should be able to wipe it down.
    Laundry Room Renovation Canada
    Laundry Renovation Toronto

    Choose a sink and decorate the walls

    We consider installing a deep sink to allow you to quickly soak clothes or hand wash or delicate items. While stainless steel is usually a better choice, cecause it is less likely to leave marks and is easier to clean, we also have other choices to select from.

    From backsplash to paint, we take care of the laundry room walls. While paint is excellent option if you are on budget renovation, but if thats not the case, we install high-end back-splash in laundry rooms to make them look luxurious.

    Laundry rooms are considered practical rooms above all else, which is why they often overlook design and decoration. True, laundry should be functional first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity. Even with limited space and investments, there are multiple ways to add, change, upgrade, and remodel your laundry rooms.

    We are Toronto based renovation company that can renovate your complete home including your laundry room. We are just a call away so give us a call to get in touch with our experts.