Project Management

Start to Finish Management...

At Interior Nation, we take pride in providing one-stop general contracting services that oversee and simplify the entire project process, from permits to plumbing. Our in-house team of designers, tradesmen, and project management specialists can complete all critical construction components without having to hire countless subcontractors, which could affect the cost and timeline of your project. With Interior Nation, you’ll get one team that can do it all


Before starting any physical construction, our project managers conduct feasibility studies to comprehend the objectives and potential challenges associated with the proposed building and its intended uses. Once a comprehensive plan is established, we generate schematic design sketches and floor plans, aiming to define elements such as square footage, materials, colors, structural considerations, and more, all before preparing the official contract documents.


Once we receive the official approval to commence work, our project management services come into play. We initiate site investigations to thoroughly inspect and assess the building environment, with special attention to factors like soil condition, environmental impact, and historical integrity. Additionally, we establish and finalize the project delivery timelines that must be adhered to throughout each phase of the work.


During this stage, we initiate the procurement process to secure all the required materials and equipment for the job. This involves establishing purchase orders with any suppliers or third parties that will be involved in the project.


Following the completion of the preparatory phase by our construction project management team, the construction process is initiated. A superintendent is assigned to each project, ensuring close communication with your project manager and establishing a direct line of contact between the client and the job site. With everyone operating on the same team at Interior Nation, we can swiftly identify, communicate, and resolve challenges that may arise during the construction phase.